About Rescue

JACK RUSSELL RESCUE OF SCOTTSDALE is a privately funded organization in Scottsdale, Arizona, whose purpose is to take unwanted, abandoned, or displaced Jack Russell Terriers and place each one in an appropriate Home for Life with a new family.

             We do not have puppies, only Adult JRs.

JRRS is the Jack Russell Terrier contact for the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona.   CABRA consists of approximately 60 volunteers, each of whom handles rescue for a specific breed of dog. Visit the CABRA website at www.cabra.org/ if you would like to adopt a breed of dog other than a Jack Russell Terrier.

Our founder, Sue Murphree, is also proud to be affiliated with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America and the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada.

Visit the JRRS website to see current JRs available for adoption at www.petfinder.org/shelters/AZ67.html


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