Training for your JRT

When you call JRRS about placing your JRT with our organization, please remember that we will talk with you about several options.  We will not always say the things you want to hear, but remember that you called us for advice - not the other way around!  Our first goal is to help you solve whatever problem you have with your JRT so that he/she can remain in your home and become the well-mannered pet that you desire. This isn’t achieved by accident. It takes lots of hard work to mold and shape a JRT into that well-behaved smart little dog that you see on TV commercials.  Try to remember that the TV JRT is a media myth. First of all, there are probably a dozen JRTs that play the role of the one dog you see on TV.  And it probably took 100 shots to get the final product that you see.

A Jack Russell Terrier is always a work in progress. An untrained JRT is like a bush that is allowed to grow untrimmed and untended - it is a wild growing thing! But if you get proper training for your JRT, this will be the dog that you always wanted.

JRRS recomends Carol Mitchell, owner of Sunshine School for Dogs, as a good trainer and behavior modification expert for your JRT. She owns Jack Russells herself and understands them when the average trainer doesn’t have a clue! She can be reached at 602-840-1166 and she will come to your home and train not only your dog, but your entire family as to how to train the dog. Let’s face it - behavior modification is not entirely about the dog. It’s about how you modify your behavior in handling your dog. All the training in the world for your dog will not solve the problems - but training the entire family will change the problem with the dog’s behavior.


NEW BABY IN THE HOUSE - How many times have we heard this problem? “My Jack Russell wants to control who handles the baby and when they handle the baby.”  Or “My Jack Russell is aggressive to our new baby.”  At JRRS we attempt to explain that the time to get training and control of your JRT is BEFORE the baby arrives. It’s like bringing a new baby into the house where your three year old has always been the only child - do you really think he won’t resent the attention that is taken away from him and given to the new baby?  Think again!  Preparing your JRT for the invasion of his space by a new “thing” - “It wiggles and cries and makes those funny noises and it smells so bad! What it is?  And it is taking all the attention that I used to get here,” says your JRT who never understood that a new addition was even expected. So now you have a JRT that wasn’t very well mannered to begin with because you didn’t bother to properly train the dog and you’ve added this smelly, crying, little demanding creature to the scene - He’s going to do exactly what you would expect of him. Misbehave!

Let’s suppose for one minute that your spouse came home one afternoon with a beautiful woman on his arm. He introduces her to you as “Mary, my new wife,” and he further explains that from now on Mary is going to occupy the master bedroom and you are being sent to the guest bedroom. He further explains that you are welcome to continue to cook and clean, but he will be spending all his time with Mary.  Peeing on the couch and trying to bite Mary is probably the least of what you would do! This is similar to how your JRT feels when a new baby is introduced to the home and you have failed to train or prepare your JRT for the new arrival.



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